City of Maitland


  Raising a new flag in the
City Park


City Administration


     City Hall, built in 1955, next
       to the Park

The city administers water and sewer, solid waste collection, streets, city park and
city cemetery departments to provide necessary services to its citizens.

Regular city council meetings are held the second Sunday of each month
at 6:30 p.m. at the City Hall.

Mark Russell

City Council
N. Ward Alderman    Dale Grasty
N. Ward Alderman    John Sportsman

S. Ward Alderman  & Pres. of the Board   Terry Schwebach
S. Ward Alderman    Brian Rueckert

City Clerk  
April Schwebach

Financial Officer
Nancy Diggs

Water Superintendent & General Maintenance
Bryan Markt


City Mailing Address:
  PO Box 208
Maitland, MO 64466

Phone  660-935-2291  -  Fax   660-935-2529

Councilmen Brian Rueckert, Roger Horn, Joe Shipps, City Clerk Nancy Diggs and Mayor Mark Russell.

Water, Sewer & Trash Service


    1.  City Customer
        a.  $15.00 minimum on 1,000 gallons of water.
        b.  $5.00 per l,000 gallons over minimum.
    2.  Rural customers
        a.  $20.00 minimum on 1,000 gallons of water.
        b.  $5.00 per 1,000 gallons over minimum.
    3.  Special Hook-ups
        a.  Multi-household hook-ups will be billed $20.00 per household for a minimum of 5,000
             gallons. $5.00 will be charged per 1,000 on usage over 5,000 gallons.
        Deposit of $150.00 is required.
        Deposit must be paid before service is connected.
Solid waste pickup:
        Solid waste is picked up every Thursday morning.  Cost is $12.00 per multi-person household and $10.00 per single-person household.  Charge is added to monthly water bill.
Sewer Charge:
        The sewer charge is based on 90% of the amount of water used for the month.  It is added  to the monthly water bill.


The Maitland Cemetery

In 1895, the Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 183, purchased 10 acres of land on the western edge of the City of Maitland.  On this land they founded the Maitland Knights of Pythias Cemetery.  Sometimes this cemetery is still referred to as the K.P. Cemetery. The local lodge disbanded in the 1920s. After that, a group of concerned citizens from the Maitland area cared for the cemetery.
In 1961, a delegation including Harry Lasalle, Wilson Duncan, and Charley Weller presented the cemetery deed and lots to the City of Maitland. Since that time the cemetery has been maintained by the City.  Charley Weller, Ruth Alloway, Lois Derr, Gordon Roberts and Floyd Hefher served on the first cemetery board.

Maintenance funds for the cemetery are from the sale of burial lots, private donations, and tax revenue. Since 1994, the tax levy for the cemetery fund has been $.15 per $100 assessed evaluation. Average annual revenue generated by taxes is approximately $1500. Average annual expenses for maintenance is approximately $4500. Expenses are out pacing revenue at a substantial rate due to a declining tax base, decreasing population in Holt County, and low interest rates.

In 1995, the cemetery road was leveled and 10 loads of gravel were applied. In 1996, the eastern half was drained and tiled. The materials and labor for this project were donated by Curt Wakely of Graham. We certainly appreciate his generosity. Carl Montgomery of Graham has been mowing the cemetery and doing general repairs since 1994. Carl is doing an excellent job.

If you are interested in purchasing cemetery lots, contact Fred Butzer (President) (660) 935-2395 or Ramona Shields (Sec) (660) 935-2383. Cost of a whole lot, consisting of eight burial spaces, is $400. One-half of a lot, consisting of four burial spaces, cost $250. These prices include perpetual care.

Donations to the Maitland Cemetery would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a donation in the memory of your loved ones or a general donation, please send it to:

City of Maitland
Cemetery Fund
P.O. Box 208
Maitland, MO 64466

Your generosity will help us maintain our beautiful cemetery. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

  The Maitland Cemetery Board:

President, Fred Butzer
Secretary, Ramona Shields
Treasurer, Nancy Diggs
Member, Mark Russell
Joe Shipps


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